Believers Live by a New Set of Rules

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You as a believer should live by a new set of rules because you are not of this old order (Old Covenant) anymore. The old order has vanished, and behold a new order (New Covenant) has come. Who is going to live in this new order? The Bible says that the devil blinds the mind of unbelievers. You are not an unbeliever, therefore, you are not subject to being blinded by the enemy! The Bible calls the devil the spirit that now works through the sons of disobedience. If you are walking in a relationship with Jesus, there is no chance the enemy can move in and through your life. The tempter and deceiver of mankind has no authority in the life of those who are of the new creation.

Sadly, people who are teaching spiritual warfare in all of its “glory” have not fully encountered the Gospel. They may understand some aspects of it, like the Gospel of Salvation, but by the presentation of their beliefs, they have yet to enter into the Gospel of Christ’s Kingdom. This kingdom is where His reign is supreme and His victory is unquestionable. If you are sharing this hybridized version of the Gospel, you are leading others into dangerous territory… away from Christ’s fullness. As New Covenant believers, we live by a new set of rules in which Christ reigns supreme.

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