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Col. 2:6 tPt

“In the same way you received Jesus our Lord and Messiah by faith, continue your journey of faith, progressing further into your union with him!”

How far do we want to go? How far do you want to go? How far do we want to go into this Grace Awakening? Can we exhaust the inexhaustible riches in Christ? How far do we want to go into “It is Finished?” How far do we want to go in this devotional lifestyle? How high do we want to ascend in the mountain of devotion? Do we want to just keep our quiet time, or do we want to be ones living as One, having died with Him, was buried with Him, and now stand in resurrection life in Him?

Today, I want to stand in resurrection life in Him. I want to experience face to face communion with Yeshua, progressing further into the depths of our ever-present, perfected union… But I could not achieve this by my own performance and neither will you. Even if we combined all of the good works in all of human history, we could still never earn this! Because the truth is we are already in perfect union thanks to Christ! We have received Jesus by FAITH, and it will be in this same faith that we progress further into the revelation of our already perfected union with Him! Do we wish to end our lives just beyond our salvation, or do we wish to live our lives in an everlasting discovery of our union with Him? How far do we want to go?

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