Shepherds: You Have A Reserved Seat


In the Fall of 2016, the Lord had called our kingdom family at Hope Chapel to a real tender place of devotion to Jesus. Many days I woke up early to build a fire, and besides eating stayed by the flame until the wee hours of the next morning.

During this time, the Lord gave me a dream that I feel He has now released me to share. I hope this will be of encouragement to the hungry hearted.

I was walking with some of my brothers into a vast auditorium. The building packed to capacity. People were sitting everywhere, some standing in the aisles and around the walls. I kept moving forward until I saw my wife and kids and the wives of the men who were walking with me. We kept moving forward to find our seats.

As we approached the front of this auditorium, we noticed at least 20 rows reserved for leaders, but no one was sitting there. I knew the service was about to begin, so I quickly took a seat at the front. That’s when Apostle Damon walked to the pulpit and announced that we were starting a four day intensive on the Apostolic preaching of Jesus Christ.

He then proceeded to tell us that we were going to jump right in. He said, “Turn your Bibles to 2 Corinthians 5:21, ‘For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

I was sitting on the edge of my seat with disappointment as I realized the building was jam-packed with hungry hearts to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, but the leaders did not show up to listen to the message.

When I woke up, the Lord began to deal with my heart concerning the lack of the true apostolic preaching of Jesus. When is the last time you heard a message about the crucifixion, burial, resurrection, ascension, or Jesus seated at the right hand of God? What about the blood of Jesus, justification, adoption, or anything to do with the finished work of Christ?

Instead, people have found that doomsday prophecy and exploring the dark world of the demonic creates more fans and money. We have thousands in the American church who can talk about the ten characteristics of the Jezebel and Absolom spirit yet could not tell you who they are as a result of the finished work of Jesus!

In my dream, people had packed the building out to hear the good news, but the leaders were not interested. They found other messages to be more valuable than these foundational truths. Even though the dream seemed depressing initially, now I can see the opportunity…the seats are still vacant.

The Lord made it evident that the people are hungry for the apostolic preaching of Jesus. So the issue is not with the people, it’s the disinterest in the leaders. I believe the Lord invited a group of men to carry GOOD NEWS messages to the people, but they were interested in other things. So now the call is going out for someone to take their place.

Instead of following the preaching fads of other movements, may we become enamored with the Gospel again. I’m calling shepherds to Preach about the finished work, the power of the blood, and don’t wait until Easter to preach on the resurrection! Today is the day of salvation; now is the accepted time.

Take your seat; the intensive has just begun. To those who will preach Jesus, you will help lead the revolution. Be enamored with salvation and never get over the fact He rescued you.

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