This is the Grace Awakening!

This is the Grace Awakening

John 1:15-16 TPT

“John taught the truth about Him when he announced to the people, “He’s the One! Set your hearts on him! I told you He would come after me, for He existed before I was even born.” And now out of His fullness we are fulfilled! And from Him we receive grace heaped upon more grace!”


As we set our hearts upon Him, we receive grace heaped upon grace… this is the Grace Awakening! With hearts set upon Him, it is out of Christ’s fullness that we are fulfilled! We receive, not only grace (charis – that which affords joy, pleasure, and delight), but grace heaped upon more grace! This phrase can be translated to mean “one gift after another”. The life of the believer is an unending, Christmas-like extravaganza of grace upon grace upon grace upon grace upon grace upon grace upon grace upon grace… gifted from Christ’s fullness!


This grace is a grace that lasts! This grace strengthens us, increases our faith, and increases our affections for Christ! This grace empowers us! This grace produces Thanksgiving! The blueprints for daily life in a Grace Awakening are hearts set on Jesus and our lives are full of joy, pleasure, delight! We are strengthened and our faith increased, carrying the power and presence of God, overflowing with Thanksgiving!

This blog post was created from the sermon “No Longer Distracted From Christ’s Fullness.” You can listen to the full message on Apple Podcast by clicking here, or from The Shepherd’s Tent Media page by clicking here.

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  1. Annelise Blom on October 16, 2020 at 11:01 AM

    Amen. That is beautiful. ♥️😊🙏

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