In Covington as it is in heaven Moving to Covington?

Are you joining the family and looking to establish a home in Covington? Let us help.


The Shepherd's Tent A Resting Place For The Lovers of God

1. Find your dream home

Jeffrey Garriotte has been instrumental in helping our family get established in Covington. He has years of experience in real estate dealings, so you can rest assured he will find the best possible solution for your home needs. Have questions or are interested in beginning your search?


Our Real Estate Agent Jeffrey Garriotte

2. Get help moving

We are family. And family show up to get you settled. Use the form here to get in touch and we'll reach out about getting you the help you need!

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We are for your family.

Our Kids' ministry is a fun, safe, and creative environment for your kids to learn about Jesus. We create an engaging space for them to learn about Jesus on their level. Until we are able to launch a healthy volunteer culture for our children's ministry we will only be offering a weekly nursery for children ages 1-4 years old.