Our Identity A Revival Home for Entrepreneurs and Creators.


We believe in Apostolic government, order, and teaching. We understand the Apostolic as ones sent to re-present and establish the culture we are sent from. That culture is “on earth as it is in heaven.”


We believe that revival is Yahweh very present within the lives of His people. Because He is present we will take responsibility to steward personal and corporate encounters.


We believe this culture is established by three pillars: Honor, Devotion, and Order.

Our Blueprint: Apostolic Revival Culture

Apostolic Revival Culture Characteristics

Our Cultural Declarations

We have been sent to Covington, GA to raise up a family of sons and daughters that will host the Presence of God extravagantly.

We have been sent as shepherds to open the door of reconciliation to God, teaching the world to respond to His favor.

To provide place for those who are exiting the systems of religion to find rest in the Presence of Jesus.

We are establishing a home where sons and daughters can find identity and authenticity in Christ alone.

We will proclaim the wonder of the gospel of the Kingdom and present to Jesus a generation innocent and blameless. This is the reward of His suffering!

Through hearing and obeying we believe a glorious family will emerge that Yahweh has entrusted us to father into the fullness of His plan for generations to come.