Identity Our Culture


We believe in Apostolic government, order, and teaching. We understand the Apostolic as ones sent to re-present and establish the culture we are sent from. That culture is “on earth as it is in heaven.”


We believe that revival is Yahweh very present within the lives of His people. Because He is present we will take responsibility to steward personal and corporate encounters.


We believe this culture is established by three pillars: Honor, Devotion, and Order.

Our Blueprint: Apostolic Revival Culture

Apostolic Revival Culture Characteristics

So, you are not foreigners or guests, but rather you are the children of the city of the holy ones, with all the rights as family members of the household of God. You are rising like the perfectly fitted stones of the temple; and your lives are being built up together upon the ideal foundation laid by the apostles and prophets, and best of all, you are connected to the Head Cornerstone of the building, the Anointed One, Jesus Christ himself! This entire building is under construction and is continually growing under his supervision until it rises up completed as the holy temple of the Lord himself. This means that God is transforming each one of you into the Holy of Holies, his dwelling place, through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you!
Eph 2:19-22
You are the body of the Anointed One, and each of you is a unique and vital part of it. 28God has placed in the church the following:

First apostles, 
second prophets, third teachers, then those with gifts of miracles, gifts of divine healing, gifts of revelation knowledge, gifts of leadership, and gifts of different kinds of tongues.
1 Cor. 12:27-28
1From Paul, an apostle in Christ Jesus, for it was Jesus himself, our living hope, who sent me as his servant by the command of God, our life-giver.
2Timothy, you are my true spiritual son in the faith. May abundant grace, mercy, and total well-being from God the Father and the Anointed One, our Lord Jesus, be yours!
1 Timothy 1:1-2
1From Paul, an apostle of Jesus the Messiah, appointed by God’s pleasure to announce the wonderful promise of life found in Jesus, the anointed Messiah.
2My beloved son, I pray for a greater release of God’s grace, love, and total well-being to flow into your life from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ!
2 Tim 1:1-2
Supernatural Community
12The things that distinguish a true apostle were performed among you with great perseverance—supernatural signs, startling wonders, and awesome miracles.
2 Cor 12;12
11And he has appointed some with grace to be apostles, and some with grace to be prophets, and some with grace to be evangelists, and some with grace to be pastors, and some with grace to be teachers. 12And their calling is to nurture and prepare all the holy believers to do their own works of ministry, and as they do this they will enlarge and build up the body of Christ. 13These grace ministries will function until we all attain oneness into the faith, until we all experience the fullness of what it means to know the Son of God, and finally we become one into a perfect man with the full dimensions of spiritual maturity and fully developed into the abundance of Christ.
Eph 4:11-13
32All the believers were one in mind and heart. Selfishness was not a part of their community, for they shared everything they had with one another. 33The apostles gave powerful testimonies about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great measures of grace rested upon them all. 34-35Some who owned houses or land sold them and brought the proceeds before the apostles to distribute to those without. Not a single person among them was needy.
Acts 4:32-35

Our Leadership: Mark & Destani Casto

Mark and Destani Casto were married in 2007 after being friends since middle school. It didn’t take long for love to grow their tribe with three children, Elijah, Ezekiel, and Elliana. Over the past 12 years they have traveled as evangelists, helping bridge generations, and calling people to a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus.

Mark & Destani moved their family to South Carolina in 2015 to be joined to their Spiritual Father & Mother, Apostle Damon & Tammy Thompson, and develop roots in the Carolina Revival family. After three years of saying yes to the lifestyle of the wilderness, the Lord made it clear that they were to take the DNA of Carolina Revival and establish the Shepherd’s Tent in Covington, GA.


This is my story. After traveling for over 10 years as an evangelist, I did the one thing I said I would never do, put the ministry before intimacy with Jesus. I felt like the tender soil of my heart had become full of weeds and thorns, while I worked hard to tend everyone else’s ministry vineyards.  It was time for a change.


The Lord opened the door for our family to move to South Carolina in 2015 to sit under our Apostle, Damon & Tammy Thompson, and the Hope Chapel family. It was during the Fall of 2016 that we were commissioned to go deep in the book of Song of Solomon. That’s when I encountered the Good Shepherd and He lead me into the greatest encounter of love I had ever experienced with God!

I went from a burnt out preacher to a bride who ravished the heart of Jesus! I was finally convinced that I could never win the argument of why He should not love me. Since that day, I have made it my aim to guard my heart by knowing who I am and not find my identity in what I do. To the best of my ability I am saying yes to this lifestyle of devotion to Jesus!


In this process, the Lord began to share with me that a restored Shulamite becomes a model for other brides-to-be. Since 2014 we have carried prophetic words and encounters about the Atlanta region. Now we can see clearly that it was in the heart of Yahweh all along to send us from this love affair into Covington, GA to establish a place of rest for others who have lost sight of Him and have become weary on the journey...hence, the Shepherd’s Tent.

I believe as Solomon penned the words of Song of Solomon 1:8, he remembered what his father David would do on a daily basis, crawling under the shadow of the Ark inside the Tabernacle. This tabernacle was nothing more than a tent, a Shepherd’s Tent. A place that modeled how live should be lived; God at the center of it all.

We believe we are being sent to Covington, GA to raise up a family that will host the Presence of God extravagantly in the fear of the Lord. To build a culture for those belonging exclusively to Yahweh. To be a place for those who are exiting the systems of religion to find rest in the Presence of Jesus. We see a family saying yes to the path of devotion and captivated by the wonder of the gospel.

We are being sent as shepherds to open the door of reconciliation to God, teaching the world to respond to His favor. To proclaim the knowledge of God and our identity as believers. We will proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom and present to Jesus a generation blameless and innocent. This will be for the reward of His suffering!

Through hearing and obeying we believe a glorious family will emerge from Covington, GA that Yahweh has entrusted us to father into the fullness of His plan for generations to come. This is going to take a while, so may our roots go deep, and our branches stretch wide for those who will in days to come find rest under the Shadow of the Almighty.

Even though I have not met all of those who are apart of this plan, my heart is already dreaming about you. I don’t just dream about you, but about our children’s children and what they will become because we have said yes to establishing The Shepherd’s Tent.

This is the only the beginning of amazing things to come. The story has just begun.