/ 4 Helpful Discoveries on Our Journey into Christ’s Fullness, Part 2


Col. 2:12-13 tPt

“For we’ve been buried with Him into His death. Our ‘baptism into death’ also means we were raised with Him when we believed in God’s resurrection power, the power that raised Him from death’s realm. This ‘realm of death’ describes our former state, for we were held in sin’s grasp. But now, we’ve been resurrected out of that ‘realm of death’ never to return, for we are forever alive and forgiven of all our sins!”


#2 – We have been resurrected out of the “realm of death…” Eternal life has already begun for you and I. We are never to return to that realm of death, for we are forever alive and forgiven of all our sins! John 17:3 says, “Eternal life means to know and experience you as the only true God, and to know and experience Jesus Christ, as the Son whom you have sent.” We have entered into this relationship, and in doing so, have entered eternal life and have left the realm of death forever! This is the Gospel, friend!


Stepping into this foundational truth and revelation will greatly help us on our journey out of religion and into Christ’s fullness. For too long, we have been subjected to religious teachings that have kept us in sin cycles, sin management, and codependency. It’s time to come into the fullness of Christ and the goodness of His Gospel. Let us live forever alive and in the reality that we have been forever forgiven of our sins!

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