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“Now, there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David. But David grew stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker.”

2 Samuel 3:1

You don’t have to be prophetic to sense the tension and need for transition in the American church. The people of God are waking up to what is possible, while leaders are trying to maintain the status quo. The world is no longer blinded to our hypocrisy and can see a noticeable difference between the church Jesus describes and the one we are currently projecting.
We are being exposed. Leaders are falling in futility, the next generation is leaving, and while we seek the statistics for why, the answers cannot be found through a carnal lens. We have to admit that we have trained people to become fans of what we have made “the church” and have not tended to the most essential aspect that makes us who we are…the Presence of Jesus in our midst.

We need a leadershift. A transition from the position-obsessed political kingdom of Saul to the Presence-obsessed heart of a David. Can we not see that the world is not impressed with our titles or positions, not to mention the people we enslave by our narcissistic and political views of leadership? Can we acknowledge that the world is not better even though the church has become more gifted? Would we even dare to admit that our ambitious gatherings led by personality-driven ministries have not made a lasting impact upon the culture?

While the mainstream church has become more acceptable to culture over the past forty years, I think we can see now that no amount of position, money, or influence can satisfy a world hungry for God’s tangible, supernatural Presence. If we are to see His Kingdom come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, we must own what we have become, admit our mistakes, and humbly embrace the more excellent way.

When man fell in the garden, Yahweh asked Adam, “Where are you?” Not because He did not know where Adam’s physical being was located, but rather to see if Adam knew where he was. Today, I can hear the Father’s voice calling to us, saying, “America, where are you? Where is the nation that I want to display as a city set upon a hill that cannot be hidden?”

However, before a nation can answer that question, those leading the body of Christ must respond first. Where are His Davids? Men and women, who are Presence-obsessed leaders willing to play our harps faithfully in the fields for the audience of One? Where are those who would remain faithful to Jesus even while dwelling in the fields of obscurity? This is the posture of a man that Yahweh said was after His own heart.

Can you sense we are in the days of transition, much like the days between Saul and David’s house? Yet God was faithful then to deliver the nation from a political King to find one in whom He could enthrone Himself upon the altar of his heart. That one man who made the Presence of God a big deal in His own life became the man who restored God’s Presence to His nation.

We are living in a moment now where Yahweh is calling for change. May we respond by answering the call to come out of all other obsessions to become the leaders obsessed with One Thing…the Presence of the One who rescued us, Jesus!
May the leadershift begin!

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